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Instant blood without

Transform blood testing from painful sticks to
seamless scans.

We unite industry leaders in the mission to create non-invasive,
blood-aware technology with limitless applications in every
sphere, paving the way for instantaneous blood testing and
unlocking a new age of health awareness.

Join the revolution

Learn to the language

There’s a better way to communicate with our
bodies. The cutting-edge fusion of artificial intelligence
and spectral sensory enables instantaneous
and continuous tracking of nearly every molecule found in our
blood - all with the simple shine of a light on our skin.

We call it blood-aware technology, and it’s here to shape the
future of blood testing in every arena.

Groundbreaking for every

Blood-aware technology means no labs, no needles
and no waiting. Continuous and instantaneous
monitoring makes it possible to achieve total health awareness
by interpreting real-time biomarkers from the comfort of your
home or on the go, developing wellness goals in the sports and
fitness industry, providing instant feedback and instruction to
medical patients, informing workplace safety policies,
streamlining law enforcement efforts and so much more.

Blood Biomarks aware application running on mobile phones


First, bloods.ai lays the foundation by
collecting patients' blood biodata from clinical
environments around the world using our data
collection tool, Bloodgate. Then we create extensive
datasets that enable data scientists to develop
non-invasive blood analysis AI models, paving the way
for a wide range of non-invasive, blood-aware
applications using NIR spectrometry and other spectral sensory.

Take a deeper dive into the ways non-
invasive blood analysis technology can
transform the following industries:

to pioneer applications

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Caught the vision? Be a part of the paradigm shift.
Join our community and enhance your business with bloods.ai.

Healthcare Provider

Join our community of providers committed to healthcare innovation that will influence the availability, affordability and quality of medical care. Participate in biodata collection and enjoy royalties for your contribution of biodata. You can even take advantage of all blood-related data collected, preparing your facility for further innovation.

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Sensor Manufacturer

Get in at the ground floor and start collecting native datasets on your spectrometer devices. Enable your customers and application developers with a whole new breed of bloodmark analysis software models specifically designed for your sensors and device ergonomics. Increase future demand for revolutionary tech you’re uniquely prepared to facilitate.

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Data Scientist

Get your hands on bloods.ai training sets offered in their native format and compatible with popular AI frameworks. Create your own distinct and personalized blood analysis AI models, each prepared to be commercialized in our marketplace and put to good use by the application developer community. Partner with us to get started.

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Application Developer

Explore the untapped potential of all that blood-aware applications have to offer. Browse our marketplace for customized AI models primed for seamless integration into your next-gen application.

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Are you a strategist with a brain for business and a hunger for uncharted territory? You’ve come to the right place. Join the revolution and get in touch to share your vision for the future of humankind’s health.

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Blood Data Donor

Interested in helping to improve or even save the lives of others? Without blood data donors, valuable blood-aware technology wouldn’t be possible. Donors have the right to track the whereabouts of their data, seeing firsthand its role in making us happier and healthier, and can terminate its use at any time. Contact us for more information about becoming a blood data donor.

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Explore the bloods.ai marketplace for AI
models prepared to take your application to the
next level.

All AI models offered in the marketplace are developed
by independent data scientists working on bloods.ai
proprietary data sets.

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