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Accomplishing nutritional and fitness goals can feel like a mind-numbing guessing game, but continuously getting in touch with what’s going on inside our bodies can eliminate the guesswork and build the fast track to our target destination.

Blood-aware applications can offer painless, easy and instant access to the information we need to customize unique nutrition and workout regimes. Then we can take an intimate look into how our nutrition and fitness choices immediately impact our bodies - refining the process with insights only blood-aware applications can offer.

Implementing blood-aware technologies allows athletes to take frequent blood tests to optimize nutrient levels in their bodies, personal trainers to create perfectly customized routines and facilities to offer onsite and instant blood test scans for unrivaled training methods.

Manage Weight

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to weight management. Unique body types, genetics and lifestyles require customized action plans for the best results, and blood-aware applications can provide the blueprints. With full access to what’s happening inside our bodies, blood-aware technology can detect substances like blood sugar, thyroid hormones, leptin, cholesterol and more to inform optimum weight management strategies. Are you an application developer interested in the relationship between weight management, nutrition and blood health? Consider the limitless potential of blood-aware technology in your next application.

Improve Performance

Consistent blood testing for athletes can act as a roadmap to unlocking their greatest potential. Testing prior to training establishes a baseline, letting athletes know when to train hard and when to rest for optimized results. Real-time insight into nutritional deficiencies that inhibit endurance, muscle building or flexibility allow for immediate correction. Blood-aware applications may detect substances like vitamin D, omega 3, iron, calcium, potassium and much more. If you’re an application developer interested in the relationship between nutrition, biomarkers and athletic performance, now’s the time to dream big for your next application.

Prevent Injuries

Overuse injuries and painful technique errors can derail even the most promising fitness regime, tempting gym-goers to throw in the towel for good. Luckily, blood-aware applications have the capacity to detect inflammation levels in the blood and predict injuries before they strike, allowing for much-needed modifications to workout intensity and technique. Blood-aware applications can detect substances like erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein, plasma viscosity and more for optimum performance. Imagine your next application guiding athletes from a self-managed kiosk at your gym, then get ready to make it happen.

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