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the Biodata Collection


Bloodgate - our flagship technology - turns phlebotomy rooms into biodata collection nodes that easily constitute as the data harvesting points for Bloodnet’s global data collection network.

Designed to meet the challenging requirements for biodata collection, healthcare providers can enjoy Bloodgate’s seamless integration into their standardized practices. The Bloodgate application is located in the Apple iStore and runs on iOS, making it compatible with any Apple iPad or mobile phone.

The Bloodgate biodata harvesting tool offers:

Optimized Clinical Workloads

Bloodgate data collection terminal is designed to seamlessly integrate with the busy schedules of medical staff and adapt to any clinical circumstance.

Streamlined Workflow

We designed Bloodgate with medical staff in mind, committed to reducing staff overload during systemic blood data collection sessions. Bloodgate terminals streamline the otherwise tedious tasks of collecting patients’ bloodmark data, all while maintaining compliance protocols in the highly regulated and convoluted environments of healthcare institutions.

Ensured Patient Privacy & Compliance

Bloods.ai is compliant with patient privacy protocols such as HIPAA and GDPR. We maintain donor anonymity and offer total transparency in how their data is being used; whether in datasets, training sets, models, or software.
Biodata donor patients maintain lifetime control over their data, as well as access to the storage system, and can delete it at any time.

technical features

Home Screen of the Terminal

Easy Pairing with Any Spectral Sensory Device

Bloodgate enables easy installation regardless of the spectral sensory device type or connectivity protocol. Its powerful device driver abstraction layer acts as a translator between spectral sensory devices manufactured by different vendors. It also offers a unified interface and open platform, making it quick and easy to start collecting native data on any device.

Supported Device Connectivity Protocols

Bloodgate offers out-of-the-box support for predominant protocols used by NIR spectrometer and other sensor manufacturers, such as WiFi, ZigBee, UPnP, Bluetooth, DECT ULE and EEBus. We are diligent in the development of native device drivers for a wide variety of sensors and other supporting technologies.

Locally Stored Data with Remote Control

Bloodgate allows for the remote and automatic execution of predefined business rules to monitor and control various aspects of the gateway runtime, including controlling connected NIR scanners and other supported sensors.

Intelligent Terminal for Local Diagnostics

An intelligent, remote watchdog agent constantly monitors the health of the Bloodgate runtime environment, detects faults and executes actions such as rebooting, restarting and resetting to factory settings.

Data Access & Management

All blood data collected immediately syncs with the cloud, giving full access and transparency for all participants of Bloodnet.


Access personal data to see where it's being used with the option to delete it.

Health Institute

Intellectual property management, full transparency and data control, staff monitoring and workload reports.

Sensor Manufacturer

See in what institutions their devices are used and how many native datasets are collected.

Barcode Integration

Blood results are returned to healthcare providers electronically within days or even hours after the scan and blood draw is performed. An advanced barcode system streamlines workflow and guarantees the pairing of blood test results from external labs with its corresponding spectral scan imagery.