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Global Data

Collection Network

Our global biodata collection network, Bloodnet, consists of mutually beneficial partnerships between bloods.ai and a growing number of healthcare providers and medical institutions around the world.

Bloods.ai helps clinical institutions collect valuable blood datasets for the advancement of their own healthcare services, and beyond, while maintaining an unequivocal commitment to patient privacy and transparency.

Become a biodata contributor and take part in the
evolution of health awareness
as we know it.

Empower your medical applications with big data technology

With medical advancements utilizing big data introduced frequently, biodata will soon act as the lifeblood of medical application developments. Bloodgate provides a comprehensive solution for storing, preserving and managing precious blood-related biodata for future use by your institution.

Own royalty rights to valuable data

While all biodata is owned and controlled by the donor, each facilitation institution receives donor consent to own and benefit from part of the commercialization rights to the data.

Improve patient care

By integrating Bloodgate into clinical phlebotomy processes, healthcare providers can collect and retain valuable blood data to use in the development of non-invasive blood analysis solutions.
This, in turn, will improve workflow and medical quality, reduce healthcare costs and give birth to a whole new breed of revolutionary blood-aware applications in the near future.

Collaborate with industry leaders

By introducing your healthcare organization to bloods.ai data collection systems, you open up a world of business opportunities and additional revenue streams by seamlessly partnering with industry leaders, all while maintaining standard industry guidelines and streamlining business processes.

Enjoy free access to all bloods.ai models

When your institution contributes biodata, you receive the rights to access and make unlimited use of all bloods.ai blood analysis models. You’re free to integrate them into your medical applications and procedures for potential future benefits, including the improvement of healthcare services.


As new privacy rules and regulations are introduced all over the world, bloods.ai updates guidelines within its organizational structure – and in interactions with business partners that accommodate current privacy and data security protocols – for the ultimate protection.


While GDPR data protection regulations cover a broad range of security measures, we’ve expanded our efforts to accommodate industry-specific directives for data protection and security practices. Our commitment to absolute patient privacy and transparency led us to adopt HIPAA standards in our everyday business practices, allowing each of our data collection partners the peace of mind afforded by such a high standard of data security compliance.

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