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Blood Data Donor

Blood-aware technology wouldn’t be possible
without blood data donors.

We regard your contribution as vital to the mission of bloods.ai,
and life changing for those who benefit from non-invasive and
continuous blood analysis.

With your help, blood-aware applications can do things like
predict a heart attack or stroke before its onset, detect warning
signs of looming illness or help prevent devastating disease
- saving and improving the lives of mothers, fathers, daughters
and sons all over the globe.

We honor every contributor who makes this blood-aware
revolution possible with a special Blood Data Donor card,
paying tribute to the significant role you play in making us
happier and healthier.

Data Privacy, Protection
& Usage Transparency

As a donor, we hold your right to privacy and complete control over your data in the highest regard, maintaining full anonymity, access to and control over your blood data in compliance with GDPR:

  • You’ll always know when, where and how your data is being used, receiving information about the training sets, models and applications your data supports.
  • Your data won’t make a move without your awareness, as you’ll be notified whenever your data is used in a new context.
  • You can be at ease knowing you have full control over your contribution, recognizing that you have the option to delete your blood data any time you please, terminating all forms of use.

If you’re eager to explore our data collection programs and enable lifesaving applications as a blood data donor, click here.