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From hormones and nutrients to environmental inputs, countless factors influence the way our bodies behave. Our ability to focus, regulate emotions, restore energy and accomplish unique health goals can all be enhanced by getting in touch with what’s going on in our blood. Blood-aware technology makes it easy to effectively and holistically care for our bodies and minds.

Dietary Health

Keeping track of what we invite into our bodies can be a painstaking process at best, and in some cases, feel nearly impossible. We know that a balanced diet is essential to boosting our immune system, protecting against diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular failure, improving memory and mood, and so much more. Blood-aware technology and applications make it simple to keep tabs on nutrient levels in our bodies, tracking substances like iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin D and more.

Eager to explore the relationship between nutrition and blood biomarkers for your next application? Contact us to get started.

Mental Health

Nearly everything we feel can be traced back to chemical releases in our brains and the substances that flow through our veins. Blood-aware technology allows us to keep tabs on substances in our bodies that impact our mood, and discover new correlations, making it easier to detect underlying causes of mental illness like depression and anxiety. Blood-aware technology can monitor mood-altering substances like cortisol, dopamine, testosterone, endorphins, oestrogen, vitamin B-12 and more.

Imagine the difference a daily mood-tracking app running on a wearable, spectrometer-enabled device could make for in the world of mental health, then get to work dreaming up a game-changing mental health application of your very own.

Reproductive Health

Blood-aware technology puts the power and predictability of fertility into the hands of men and women more than ever before. Family planning and birth control efforts are made flawless as women track menstruation, ovulation, fertility-influencing substances and pregnancy with precision. Men and women alike can even track vitamins and minerals that boost fertility. Blood-aware technology may detect substances like HCG, luteinizing hormone, FSH, prolactin, zinc, selenium and more. Will your app be the first blood-aware birth control or reproductive app rapidly gaining popularity in the app store? There’s only one way to find out; contact us to get started.

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