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In the time it takes you to count to thirty, a worker somewhere in the world will die from toxic exposure. The devastating impacts of unhealthy workplace conditions have been difficult to intercept, until now. Blood-aware technology makes it possible to protect the world’s workforce from the hazardous conditions of lethal exposure.

With a wide array of toxic industrial chemicals, pesticides, dust, radiation and other hazardous substances threatening employee health, blood-aware technology allows industries across the spectrum to continuously monitor the blood pollution levels of its workforce, enabling immediate procedural changes that are necessary to keep contamination levels at bay. Blood-aware applications in the workplace means saving lives, improving employee health, preventing legal battles and increasing productivity.

Office Spaces

The words “hazardous” and “desk job” may not seem compatible, but flying under the radar is how workplace toxins like asbestos devastate employee health. Blood-aware technology allows employers and building managers to keep an eye out for subtly harmful exposures brought on by carpeting, paint, furniture glues and more, then respond with preventative measures. Detectable substances include asbestos, ethanol, polyfluorinated compounds and more.


Toxic materials abound in the world of manufacturing, from electronics and consumer goods to oil, agricultural plants, metals production and more. Contaminates surpassing safe levels often lead to organ damage and failure, respiratory distress, cancer, a weakened immune system and a host of other devastating health issues that blood-aware technology can help prevent. Detectable substances include arsenic, lead, benzene, cadmium, chromium, toluene and more. Can you envision your next application running on the frontlines of the world’s most productive assembly lines? Contact us to get started.

Mining and Construction

What often appears as a harmless dust cloud can introduce life-long health implications for miners, welders and construction workers. Dust from drilling and sanding, as well as chemicals released from certain heated metals, increase exposure to toxins like silica dust and manganese. Blood-aware technology can monitor blood contaminants to prevent illness with the slightest detection of unhealthy levels, keeping workers safe. Detectable substances include cyanide, uranium, lead, mercury, nitrogen oxides and more. Ready to get started on saving lives from toxic exposure? Contact us for next steps.

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