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Public health initiatives create lasting change in populations as they join forces to prevent disease, increase life expectancy and improve the quality of life for the communities they serve. Blood-aware technology makes it possible to track consenting community members' health data anonymously, providing an unparalleled understanding of what communities are up against and establishing a baseline from which to measure the success of unique public health initiatives.

Evaluate Health Initiatives

Imagine launching a campaign to decrease sugar intake among adolescents in your community, then observing the real-time blood glucose levels of participating adolescents as the campaign unfolds. Blood-aware applications allow officials incomparable insight into the success of various initiatives, providing officials and participants with the ultimate resource for collaboration and creating an unprecedented upward trend in community health. Detectable substances may include tobacco, blood glucose, sodium and more.

Inform Health Initiatives

With the monumental task of improving population health in their hands, public health officials may struggle to narrow the focus of their initiatives to the most pressing issues facing their communities. Blood-aware applications make it possible to identify health trends and problem areas, investigate potential threats influencing community trends and tailor initiatives to a community’s unique needs. Detectable substances may include iron, vitamin C, blood glucose and more.

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