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Are you an application developer ready to take the lead in creating cutting-edge software? You’ve come to the right place. At bloods.ai, we’re enabling a foundational shift in the way we connect with and care for our bodies. With help from spectral sensory and artificial intelligence frameworks, we facilitate the creation of non-invasive blood testing and blood-aware applications.

As NIR spectrometers and other spectral sensory devices make their way into consumer electronics through phones, watches, kiosks, medical devices and more, we lay the foundation for a new breed of instant blood-awareness software applications, with the power to influence countless industries.

With the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, applications developers can take advantage of new and innovative business opportunities. At bloods.ai marketplace we offer plug-and-play blood analysis models prepared to support your vision for blood-aware applications.

Get inspired by the ways blood-aware applications can transform the following industry sectors:

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