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Oded Daniel

Co-Founder & Director

Kicking off his career as a software developer and information systems analyst, Oded now functions as a seasoned venture capitalist with unparalleled business sense, an aptitude for leadership and a passion for all things AI. Alongside prominent positions on the board of directors for several AI-related companies, Oded’s entrepreneurial endeavors include investments in AI businesses spanning a variety of industries, including: cyber security, content distribution networks, e-commerce, insurance, game development, computer vision, advertising networks and internet marketing technologies.

Oded’s formula for success historically equated to passive investments in promising startups, but his desire to watch from the sidelines vanished when Marcelo approached him with the groundbreaking concept of blood-aware technology. He couldn’t help but be an active participant in the pursuit to reshape the future of human health.

With full faith in its potential and the grit to get it there, Oded can’t wait to watch bloods.ai revolutionize preventative health and transform all things lifestyle.

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Nir Gabriel


A gifted business developer, Nir keeps all of the balls in the air as he intuitively pieces together each component of bloods.ai’s operational structure. Nir is charged with identifying talent, welcoming new partners and ideating business opportunities. Luckily, his uncanny ability to create synergistic partnerships with potential stakeholders makes Nir the right man for the job.

Nir’s commitment to the success of bloods.ai stems from his desire to leave the world a better place than he found it.

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Kane Cohen

Product Engineering

Kane is the nuts and bolts of the operation, employing his 10+ years of software experience to keep necessary devices and platforms running smoothly. In addition to the creation of the bloods.ai back office system and data architecture, Kane manages all application programming and product design, ensuring seamless communication between participating institutions and technology partners.

Kane hopes that blood-aware technology will empower first responders in their mission to save lives as they finally have access to instantaneous blood test results.

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Maya Amor

Chief Technology Officer

An accomplished software developer with a degree in biochemical engineering from the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology, Maya’s experience and expertise are invaluable to the creation of blood-aware technology. Her willingness to run head-on into a challenge makes her the perfect fit for managing the technical elements of bloods.ai software solutions.

Maya is hopeful for the day when blood-aware technology can advance preventative medicine by detecting health issues far before the onset of symptoms. She’s also eager to effortlessly monitor her nutrition needs and get a front row seat to the way her diet impacts her body.

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Haley Tharp

Director of Marketing Communications and Public Relations

A communications, public relations graduate from Brigham Young University, Haley navigates the priceless relationship between bloods.ai and all those we aim to serve. Her ingenuity, passion for the product and easy communication style make her an integral part of the bloods.ai community.

Haley's experience spans a variety of industries and includes work as a journalist, editor, copywriter, campaign manager and content strategist. She's excited to bring all she has to the table, and then some, to aid in the creation of blood-aware technology.

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Oleh Kravets

UX/UI Designer

Oleh engages every project with creativity, tenacity and a user-focused mentality. As a A UI/UX & Graphic Designer at ORIL, Oleh insists on creating products and experiences people will love to use.

Oleh recognizes the power of the small and simple. His approach to digital design is fueled by his desire to uplift those interacting with his work; creating convenience and a satisfying aesthetic to accompany users on even their most mundane tasks. His proficiency with various design softwares, understanding of the development process and knack for collaboration make it easy to appreciate his contribution to the bloods.ai mission.

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Luca Giardina

Software Developer

Luca is a seasoned software developer obsessed with best practices and clean code. His mantra - "simplicity is the soul of efficiency" - informs every project he touches. Luca’s extensive experience for a variety of companies makes it easy for him to look at the software he creates from several vantage points, ensuring quality.

Determined to watch bloods.ai help the world move in the right direction, Luca wholeheartedly dedicates himself to the software engineering team.

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Rui Freitas Serrano

GDPR & HIPAA Officer

Rui’s experience spans a variety of companies, industries and continents. His years of experience as a data protection officer have led him to service for companies in Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, South Africa, Russia and the United States. An associated member of the law firm, LEXA, Rui’s expertise and commitment to data security play a crucial role in the success of bloods.ai.

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Mae Abejo

Business Coordinator

A master of collaboration, Mae acts as a link between bloods.ai and partnering industry leaders. Her years of experience as a sales and operations manager, business coordinator and executive assistant make her a jack of all trades, while her degree in business administration; marketing emphasis from Ateneo De Naga University informs her approach.

Mae’s commitment to integrity, professionalism and transparency is palpable for all those she interacts with, and her drive for further business development enriches the bloods.ai mission. Anxious for the day when blood-aware technology is fully realized, Mae is committed to keeping the ball rolling.

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Sebastian Cardona

Business Coordinator

Sebastian’s has a Bachelors degree in Education & Pedagogy from the Pontifical Bolivarian University in Medellin, also counting with several years of experience as a general manager in a local healthcare operation of the Colombian region allows him to employ his skills to bring bloods.ai to important key clients and develop strategic alliances to put the company at the forefront of the Colombian market.

As a college educator and a strong believer in the importance of the development of technology and its value to society’s growth, he is committed to bloods.ai mission of creating and sustaining this total health revolution.

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John Pestaño

Business Coordinator - Asia Pacific

A business management graduate from De La Salle University-Manila, John's business acumen is an asset to bloods.ai. His years of experience in banking, sales, and operations management make John a natural fit for laying the foundation of bloods.ai.

His passion for blood-aware technology is contagious, and he hopes the technology will soon sit at the core of the healthcare industry.

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Darwin Gemzon

Business Coordinator - Asia Pacific

Darwin has 21+ years of business development experience and an impressive track record of pioneering start-ups from the ground up.

His expertise spans a variety of roles, including planning, ocular inspection, marketing, hiring, day-to-day operations, and project execution. A thorough background in public health services and business processing industries makes Darwin the ideal fit for bringing the bloods.ai vision to life.

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